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A Simple Guide To French Clays

French clays are naturally-occurring, they come from various sources including volcanic ash, rocks, soil, or sediment. All clays are different as they have a unique combination of minerals. Most clays have similar benefits, however, clays should be used according to the skin type.   FRENCH CLAY GREEN | MARINE CLAYBest for sensitive, mature, irritated, and normal skin types  Absorb and eliminate impurities from the skin Exfoliate dull skin Ideal for addressing acne Helps minimize the appearance of pores FRENCH CLAY PINKBest for Sensitive, oily, normal, and combination skin type very gentle on the skin Remove excess oil and impurities from the skin Leaves skin with a refreshed appearance Has exfoliating properties that minimize puffiness and the appearance of pores.

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Personalized Skin Care

We thought differently about catering to the many varieties of skins out there, from oily to dry and myriad combinations. We want to be able to share our beauty formulas and help women create their own unique serum because everyone should be able to enjoy great skin all year round. Click to Create Your Own Serum👇

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